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JIO unlimited offer extended till 31 march, 2017...all you need to know!!


December 1, 2016 : Mr. Mukesh Ambani the founder of JIO, announced officially about the extension of jio's unlimited offer extension. Earlier in november 2016, Mr. Ambani, just announced about this offer but not officially. 

So, whats new here,

> The first jio unlimited offer was titled as Preview Offer with everything unlimited
The second jio offer named Welcome Offer with a 4GB 4G data  limit per day
Now the third offer is here titled as Happy New Year Offer which comes with a limit of 1GB 4G data per day .

> Happy New Year Offer valids till 31st March, 2017. Till now its the final unlimited offer.

> Data Limit upto 1GB 4G per day after which caps at a speed of 128kbps.

> Existing Jio users will be on the welcome offer till 31st December, 2016, and then Happy New Year Offer will be activated on 1st January, 2017. Existing users will be on 4GB 4G per day plan till 31st December, 2016, as it was announed earlier.

> New users who takes a new jio connection from 4th December, 2016, will get the Happy New Year offer preactivated and will be valid till the same. This new users will be getting the new plan i.e. 1GB 4G per day.