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Hidden Samsung Dictionary : Setup

After Samsung devices got marshmallow OS, there is function called dictionary. But its actually empty and there is no icon available in the app drawer. That's actually not  hidden, but Samsung kept it without setting it. Lets find out how to get the dictionary and first setup.

Requirements :
A Samsung Device running official Touch Wiz marshmallow OS or above
Internet connection
3 minutes of patience :D

How to do ?

Step 1 : Open Web browser and click on
Step 2: Write 'Hi' or any other word you want.
Step 3 : Press and hold the word and you will find a bar above it having cut copy paste more.
Step 4 : Select More
Step 5 : Press Dictionary
Step 6 : If a windows opens showing to turn on 'Permit drawing over other apps', then turn it on.
Step 7 : Download English and wait until it gets downloaded.
Step 8: After it gets downloaded, it will be shown in My Dictionaries section.
Step 9 : Now go back and select the word again as selected in step 3.
Step 10 : Dictionary is here. Don't worry its totally offline dictionary. So, you can search in the dictionary when you are not connected to the internet.
Step 11 : You will find the Dictionary icon in your apps drawer.

Video Instructions : [HD]

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After touchwiz marshmallow OS released by samsung, they included an inbuilt samsung dictionary. But where is it?? Its not there in my app drawer!! Then how we will use?? 
Yes, so today this video will help you how to find & setup Samsung Dictionary for first time!!

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