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[UPDATED] : The Sayans Blog for android - Version 01.11.16


Whats New : Version 01.11.16
  • Bugs Fix
  • Green Buttom Bar Removed
  • Startup logo replaced with solid grey color
  • Maintained By Sayan Saha added
  • "Click to open the blog" from "lick to open" in start up window
Version History :

Intial Build : 15th October, 2016 - First Release
Current Build : 01st November, 2016 - Bugs Fixed & lots more

Bugs :
  • You can't share anything from within the app. If you want to share anything to any user then just share this link : to download the app or to open in browser visit
  • What works : Everything else
Installation :
Just Download the updated version of The Sayans Blog and install on the old version. No need to uninstall the old version first.

Screenshots :
Startup Window

About The Sayans Blog

Inside The Sayans Blog App