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*Q/A* JIO digital 4g, avail, activate, unlimited

What is JIO Digital 4G..??

Jio is a Mumbai-based provider of 4G internet, mobile telephony, broadband services, and digital services in India. Formerly known as Infotel Broadband Services Limited, Jio provides 4G services on a pan-India level using LTE technology. The telecom leg of Reliance Industries Limited, it was incorporated in 2007.  (

What services is JIO providing..??

Jio Digital 4G, is providing a long range of 4G data network with which you will get offline video calling if your device has Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) support. Additional to that you will get a lifetime validity of free voice calling to any network across the world. JIO digital is also providing JioNet Free WiFi access to many popular cities in India.

But till 31st of December, JIO is offering 4GB 4G per day and then 2G speed cap at 60kbps. Additional to data services, you will get unlimited voice calls, video calls, and sms. And also 4GB JioNet free WiFi access.

Which Devices support JIO Digital 4G..??

Jio supports on any 4G LTE supportted device having a minimum CAT 4 technology.  If your device has also VoLTE support, then you can call anyone without turning on the jio data services. Else you need to download Jio Voice from app store for android, and then you can call but you need your data services to be active.

How to get JIO sim..??

Well, Jio is available in all JIO Centers, Reliance Digital & Digital Express for free. But now a days, many mobile retailers and recharge shops are also selling JIO for Rs. 100/- and above.

To get JIO sim
>You first need to download my Jio app from here.
>Open it (be connected to data services or wifi)
>Wait till you get Get JIO sim option
>click on it and fill up the form, you will be guided in the screen.
>now after generating the barcode, take a screenshot
>Take documents : 1 x  3.5 cm x 4.5 cm size photo of yours, your Aadhaar card and 1 x xerox, >your 4G handset and time :P
>go to nearest JIO sim provider, and ask for jio sim, if you are going to digixps, the you need to take a token and on it a time and date will be mentioned, you have to later visit that shop for getting your jio sim. This token system has been started to stop the rush inside the shops.
>And then submit your documents and take your jio sim kit.

How to activate JIO Sim..??

You will get a application sms for successfully submission of your documents and then you will get a tele-verification message. After you receive that text, connect your JIO sim and open switch your device on. You will be poped up with network type, select LTE only, if its not available, then select LTE/3G/2G. Then you will start receiving JIO 4G network. call 1977 and verify. After 30mins your services are ready.

How to Get 4GB offer after activation..??

Oen my jio app, download  >JIOMONET WALLET
                                            > JIO MUSIC

*Signup for a jio account* required in the next step

How to get back JIO Unlimited 4G offer, no speed cap after 4GB per day usage..??

>Turnoff Jio Data
>Uninstall My JIO app
>Download My JIO 3.2.05 from here
>Install it
>Open my jio
>Click on open, and the click on signin
>Input your email and password
>Now turn on Jio Data
>Quickly click on signin
>Done, you got back jio preview offer provides unlimited 4G