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JIO PLANS AFTER 31ST DEC, 2016 ?? TRUE?? and whats in JIO Fiber??

Every Indian mobile network operators are providing 1GB 4G for Rs. 265/- approx.
But what about JIO, they are proc=ving the same for just Rs. 65/- for a month
lets head up for the plans of JIO after 31st Dec, 2016.
 These are JIO 4G plans which will be available to all jio customers from 1st January, 2017. What, Team JIO mentioned is, they will be providing 1GB 4G for just Rs. 50/-, but actuially its price depends on the total package cost. If you take Rs. 4999/- plan then they will offer you a gb for RS. 66/- which gives us 75gb of 4G data. But if you choose Rs. 499/- plan, then per gb of 4G costs you Rs. 125/-. Which gives you 4Gb for a month. Also the best part of JIO is, you will get unlimited HD calling in all the packs without paying a single penny. But, unfortunately, there are some connectivity problems to other networks specially Vodafone (the most), airtel, and very minor times the other networks like docomo, reliance, aircel. Calling from JIO to JIO is the best option, because both are having same HD calling feature & and faster connectivity through 4G. 

So, now lets talk about JIO Fiber  !!
Actually, JIO Digital 4G, was a wireless 4G service. But JIO Fiber is based on broadband service, which passes through lan wires which you need to connect to your home router or your pc. Jio Fiber has 3 types of plans.
1) Based on volume
2) Based on Speed
3) Special Broadband
Pricing starts from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 5500/-, which shares a minimum speed of 15 mbps (0.15gbps :P) to a max of 1gbps (1000mbps :P)
For paying Rs. /- you will get 600GB, thats so cool right!!

So thats all to know about JIO 4G plans and JIO Fiber.