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Windows 10 (Pro, Home, Enterprise) - windows updates can now be disabled from automatic download

After microsoft released windows 10 build 10240, the windows update service has been changed to automatic downloading of updates. Previously in windows 7, 8 & 8.1, windows update used to have settings for turning off automatic downloading. But in windows 10 microsoft removed it, and many people are facing the same problem, as some people have limited net, prepaid neet, and some have unlimited. So, lets us check how we can turn it off.

Step 1) Turn on ur windows 10 system
step 2) open windows services by searching in  the startmenu "msconfig" without quotes
step 3) Search for windows updatew by scrolling it down to last
step 4) Right click on windows update select properties and select disabl;e from the scroll down menu
step 5) also disable the store service if you dont want to use windows store, this also not search for updates on this computer
Restart your computer and enjoy