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How to Clean Install Windows 7 directly from Hard drive without any usb drive or dvd :)

Back after a long time, as I was having exams. So, whats up guys, I am here with a brand new post that you may haven't thought in the past.

Yes, we will install windows 7 on a computer or notebook/laptop without using usb or dvd for any reason or forcefully :D.

This procedure will take you to boot and install Windows directly from the hard drive. It involves plugging the hard drive into another working computer, preparing the hard drive, placing it back in the system, and installing Windows as usual.

Requirements :.

A lappy or pc where u want to install
A already installed windows 7 OS must be 32bit for 32bit installation and 64bit for 64bit installation.
windows 7 setup must be available with you
screw drivers to disassemble the hdd from ur lappy/pc where u want to install the os
external hard disk casing to connect it to another PC via usb

Procedure :

1) Connect the hard drive to another working computer.
2) Format the hard drive to NTFS (Quick format works fine; multiple partitions also work).
3) Copy the following from your Windows 7 disc:


4) Lets make the harddisk bootable. Now emter this following commands in ur running windows 7 system as admin from command prompt by pressing windows key and R, then type cmd.exe and press enter.

list disk
select disk X
list partition
select partition X
X:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 X:

5) Now to insert ur hdd in the system where u want install, and power on setting the harddisk in the first booting drive.
If u have done everything perfectly till now then, ur system will display windows is loading files and will load/start ur setujp as usual. Don't format the hdd or it will erase all the setup files and then u cant continue with the installation.

6)  After installing the os and starting the system completely, we need to clean up the setup files, and then u can create partitions in ur hdd.
Please note dont just delete the files, follow the steps below.

Press the Windows key + R. Type msconfig, and hit Enter.

Click to the Boot tab at the top.
Click 'Windows Setup (\windows)', and Delete all.
Click OK.
Click 'Exit without restart'.

And lastly, delete the ‘Sources’ folder from your hard drive root.

Now you are ready with your windows 7 os, lisense it and have fun.