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FASTEST MUSIC STREAMING AND DOWNLOADING EVER : listen to music directly online and save it according to your choice (MADE IT SIMPLE @SAYANS BLOG SPECIAL)

Hey guyz, we listen to music for time pass or to refresh ourselves etc etc. We do search for new songs online but searching them and then downloading is very time taking and tough. So, lets make it easy. :D
1: Open
2: write the below code and then write your song name replacing 'abc'
intitle:index.of?mp3 abc
example below
intitle:index.of?mp3 ranga re
3: Now press enter and you will find many links with names starting with index

4: Now click on any link (refer screenshots)
5: Within a few seconds you will be loaded with the list of all the songs of that album/movie.
6: If you want to play online, click on your favorite song, turn on your sound system and increase the volume.
7: Now if you want to download and save a song, then go back to the list as mentioned in step 5 (check its screenshot ), now right click on the song you want to download, and then press save link as.
8: It will start downloading automatically or a popup window will open to select your download location, where you want to save the music file.