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Whatsapp Personal Assistant ?? What ?? Yes!! Its true...

Talk just like youtr friend
Ever thought about whats app personal assistant that will almost workout for you just like siri and cortana !!
Well, yes now that is also possible, its not like hike messenger, you have enable the assistant by yourself, just like adding your friends contact in your phone and starts chatting from the next minute...
I have experimented and tested it. Its awesome and ready to go. Below are the steps and guide of how to enable the assistant and how to use it.

Requirements :

1} Any whats app supported device
2} Working internet connection
it will take some time to work for the first use
3} Patience :D

Steps :

1} Open your phones dialer and save this no. +919468155082 as Whats app Assistant
2} Turn your internet on, and open whats app
3} Switch to all whats app contacts list and refresh it
4} After it says refreshed or refresh complete
5} Search for Whats app Assistant as you have saved with the name in your phone contacts storage some moments back. Open the assistant...
6} Now type hi and wait, keep your patience till it replies back.
7} After you get a reply with hello!, You are ready to use your new assistant in whats app :D

Type the following codes for your assistance whenever you need it

define anything that is common, abusive or non dictonary words will have no reply :D
@wiki seach - this will search for your desired keyword

@mp3 music - this will search and will download the music you were looking for

@horoscope Aries - this will show you your luck of the day

@thought - thought for the day

@define search - this give you the meaning of the word you were looking for

@currency - will give you todays currency rates

it will not understand short words like lol, rofl, gd nit etc etc. Use full words

@toi - will give show you with the type of news you want, if you want to receive technology news then type @toi tech

Important instructions :
If you are using whatsapp mod then please go back to original whatsapp, as it may harm your account and you may get blocked from using whatsapp any more
Please dont write abuse
Whatsapp Assistant will not understand any short worlds like 'Lol, rofl, Gd nit, yup' etc etc
calling the assistant is useless
You may be thinking that you will call up the assistant and will ask for help, but let me tell you he will now pickup your call, he has saved his phone in blocking mode so that he helps the people nonstop :D :P