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Android N...whats new...??

One thing I have to say, google releases an os and suddesnly announces for the next os, they are very fast, I like it, just some months back android marshmallow released and now announced for android N. Lets check out whats new and inside android N...!!
1} new notifications panel - Notifications get an overhaul
2} Quick settings now just like samsung touchwiz style for quick toggling :D
3} battery saving added - turn on battery saver when u want where ever you want.
4} Quick settings or toggles now can be edited like CM roms and samsung touchwiz roms
5} Camera now can be opened by simply holding the flashlight toggle in quick settings panel for a pair of seconds.
6} Now the app drawer will be live just as ios, the dates on the calenders missed calls etc.
7} Subparted or Rejiggered settings app, for easy and quick configuration.
8} For the main settings just swipe from left edge of your device after opening the settings app.
9} Notification panel and statusbar can now be fully customised just like without installing gravity box and other xposed modules or without rooting or moding your systemui app.
10} You are in a dark place or dark room, eyes gets bursted out, dont worry, dont turn on the night mode and you can enjoy your device just as you were doing under the sun.
11} Calibrate your colour of your android N display. RGB
12} multi window work, without a single lack, will increase your speed of work.

That was the android N developer preview. Original Android N features may be different.

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