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What will be the next generation of samsung galaxy S series..?? 7..??

Leaked concept can be or cant be the real device. Samsung always gives up the fake concepts which they say its leaked but atlast the real device is always different from that leaked fake concept. So, lets check out some basic specs that could be available on Samsung Galaxy S7, the next generation of S.
Specs and design as designed by samsung
As apple released the 3D touch on their apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Samsung is also working on 3D touch but might be working better than apple. Apple's 3D touch is just a simple ios function, its not an upgraded touch or any scientific thing is there in their touch. But as Samsung told 3D touch on S7 devices will be meaningful thing.
Samsung told that any person who is having S7 will no need to  buy any computer or laptop for their work. They could do any thing on their S7 that a computer can do. So, Samsung is going to add a  4GB or 4.5GB LP DDR5 ram on S7.
Large display means more cool and smart videos and pictures. So, Samsung could make the display size of S7 nearby 5.5" with a UHD resolution and can be Gorilla Glass 5.
Processors can only be Exymos or qualcomm from east asian market, and the speed will be nearby 1.8GHz per core @ Octa Core.
If we talk about the design of Samsung Galaxy S7, it will be sleek but not like S6 edge plus. The same home button will be at the buttom middle of the screen and will be a full metal body with a gorilla glass 4 back on the metal body. The metal body makes the device smart and luxury, like Galaxy A8 and its series.
Camera will be more improved than s6 edge plus. As samsung revealed, its rear cam would be 20.1 MP with powerful LED flash and a proximity as always. Front could be 8MP, but many samsung fans told to add a front flash like they have added on  J5 & J7.

It could launch in the last month of this year or the first month of the next year. Samsung told that the phone could release by the month of April of the next year i.e 2k16.