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Upgrading to windows 8.1 from windows 7 keeping your files, apps & settings skipping windows 8 installation..!!

As we all know that microsoft has limited the upgrade option directly from windows 7 to 8.1. The user who wants too install win8.1 must have to install win8 first the the user can upgrade to win8.1. Windows 8 is much better than windows 8.1 but many people are still there who are using windows 7 and wants to upgrade directly to windows 8.1 without installing win8, loosing personal apps, files, etc. This guide is helpful for them. Today, we will show you how to upgrade to win8.1 directly from win7. Nope, its not a virus, its 110% safe (SB ASSURED TEAM)

Requirements :
Windows 7 PC/Laptop
Windows 8.1 Setup
Show hide controls - Download

Steps : (its easy just keep your patience)
Start your windows 7 pc
Download show hide controls from the above download link
Copy your windows 8.1 setup to your computer
now run the windows 8.1 setup and follow on screen instructions till it shows "what to keep"...
Now run show hide controls
Select windows setup from the list and scroll down till you find the line "Keep windows settings, personal files & apps"
Now select that line and then click on the third option shown below as
And then go back to your windows setup and you will find that no option is selected among the 2 showing previously. This means you have selected to keep your files, settings and apps
Click next to confirm and start your installation
Wait and keep patience, better to play some games or do your pending works till the installtion gets completed.
And its done...
WELCOME TO WINDOWS 8.1 without loosing anything