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How to set your custom pendrive icon replacing the default drive icon..??

Steps :
1A) First of all create your custom icon and save in as png format with your own custom file name (This file name will be required in Step 2, so better to copy the file name before exiting the icon)
1B) Now open  and drag the .png icon you made just now to it. It will convert .png to .ico format
2) Now open Notepad and write the following code as written below
icon=<your icon name>.ico
3) Now save the text file as Autorun.Inf and encoding should be Unicode
4) Now save the text file and the icon you  got from the convertico webpage to your root of the pen drive. (Root here means you have to save the file without creating any folder. Just open the drive and paste them.)
5) Now eject and reinsert the pendrive.