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The handful of laptops now shipping with full-size GTX 980 graphics cards in them will allow those cards to be overclocked, opening up still more performance alongside the unlocked Intel Skylake-K chips that Chipzilla is now shipping in mobile as well. None of the specs are skimped on — the GPU’s core clock is 1126MHz base, identical to the standard desktop, while its GDDR5 memory bus is clocked at an effective 7Gbps. Max clock frequencies could supposedly hit an additional 200MHz, though that’s going to depend a great deal on the cooling solution of the system. Other features coming to these new systems include variable fan controls, 17-inch 1080p panels, and 4-8 phase power supplies with higher peak currents. The end result should be some truly amazing notebooks from the likes of Asus, MSI, and Clevo. MSI even intends to introduce an SLI version of the laptop with an 18.4-inch screen.
One final note: This GPU is apparently being called the GTX 980 for mobile as opposed to the GTX 980M, or any kind of Titan branding, as we originally theorized. If you go looking for it, make sure you pick the appropriate GPU. We reached out to Nvidia, who told us that this GTX 980 mobile card will also allow for higher operating temperatures then what we’ve seen with mobile GPUs in the past — presumably that means 90-95C as opposed to the 70C that most mobile GPUs seem to target.