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Windows 10 Release Date...

Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 10 on September 30, and announced how it would make a Technical Preview available for desktops and laptops as part of the new Windows Insider Program. Sadly, details surrounding a precise Windows 10 release date are still few and far between. With the grand consumer preview unveiling having taken place on January 21, we're now more excited than ever to finally get a hold of the final Windows 10 build. The preview versions have tided us over for now, but both look set to shut down on April 15, leaving us a fortnight shy of Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference – scheduled to run between April 29 and May 1. Build, held at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco, is Microsoft’s annual developer conference. It regularly offers a targeted look at the company’s upcoming software, hence the 2015 Windows 10 expectations.The first Build conference took place in September 2011 and saw a heavy focus on Windows 8, as did the 2012 meeting. 2013’s yearly get-together saw the limelight fall onto Windows 8.1, while the focus of this year’s conference shifted on Cortana and Windows Phone 8.1 It’s generally expected that the next Build conference will see Microsoft proffer an exact Windows 10 release date, with Myerson having already confirmed that the software will land ‘later’ in 2015. Looking back at Microsoft operating system releases, it’s difficult to gauge when the firm might actually launch Windows 10. Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows XP all landed in October, while Windows 7 came in July 2009. Based on the evidence, an October Windows 10 release is likeliest, although anywhere from Q2 2015 onwards is possible.