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Rooting Galaxy Note 4..Easiest Method just within a few moments.

Step 1. Power off your Galaxy Note 4 then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see the warning screen
Step 2. Hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download Mode then connect a micro-USB cable from your Note 4 to your computer.
Step 3. Go to ChainFire’s XDA thread here and download the appropriate CF Auto root for your Note 4 model.
Step 4. Unzip the downloaded file and you should see a bunch of files.  Double-click on ODIN3-v3.07.exe to run ODIN program.
Step 5. Next, you should see a blue, highlighted box with a random COM number.  If you see this, you have proper Note 4 Windows drivers installed.  If not, download and install Note 4 Windows drivers.
Step 6. Choose “PDA” then select the file ending in “tar.md5″.
Step 7. Hit the “Start” button and CF Auto Root should be flashing to your Note 4.
Step 8. When done successfully, you should see “RESET!”.  If you get stuck, try using a different USB hub/cable and simply try again.
Step 9. Reboot and you should find a new app called “SuperSU” in your app drawer.  Congratulations!   You’ve successfully rooted your Galaxy Note 4!
Step 10. Open up SuperSU app and update the binary if needed.
Step 11. Also, disable KNOX if SuperSU asks you.  KNOX is an annoying, useless security program Samsung has put on your phone and it will only interfere with root and rooted apps.
Step 12. To verify you have full root, simply download and run Titanium Backup app from Play Store.  You should see Superuser request window popup.

That's It...
Tested and 100% Working.