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How to improve gaming performance on android with gltools..??

  GLTools is an application similar to Chainfire that the point is to manipulate the performance of the GPU . The advantages of this GLTools is able to run on OS Jellybean because Chainfire is not compatible with this OS . With this GLTools , android for gaming performance will increase and can even show the effects of previously emerged. GLTools HH is very useful for low-end that has minimal specs to play HD games . Even games that were not played smoothly after using this application can be played smoothly.

Settingup GLTools:
1) Download GLTools
2) Install the apk
3) Now, open GLTools and tick all the three options and select normal install
4) Phone will automatically soft reboot.
5) Now open GLTools
6) A list of all the apps will open up, select the game you want to improve the quality
7)Tick ​​the ' Fake GPU info '
8)Select, use a template Adreno 320 or Tegra 3
9)Tick ​​Enable custom Settings
10) All done, now just open the game and feel the change .