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OnePlus releases its own Android 5.0 ROM for One smartphone

As promised, OnePlus has released the test version of its non-Cyanogen firmware for One smartphone. Currently in the Alpha state, the new firmware is based on Android 5.0. As the company had stated earlier, we can expect the final version to be available around February this year.
OnePlus One’s new Android 5.0 ROM is far from being a daily driver and is only meant for the consumers, who are adventurous and want to try out the Lollipop on their phone at the earliest. The company has published the entire procedure and download link in its forum
Earlier, OnePlus was forced to hasten the development of its own ROM after Cyanogen Inc, which currently provides software for OnePlus One smartphone, announced an exclusive tie-up with Micromax in India. This tie-up threatened the sale of OnePlus One smartphones and effectively ended Cyanogen’s software support for One smartphone in the country.