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Xiaomi sells 1 million smartphones in India

Xiaomi has announced that it has sold over 1 million smartphones in the Indian market. The company stated that it crossed the milestone sometime this month.
While this is not a huge number, it is still a big deal for the company that began selling phones in the country just over five months ago. It is the same amount of time that was taken by Motorola to sell the 1 million smartphones in the country since it re-entry in February this year.
Xiaomi has not given the break-up of specific smartphone sales, but the 1 million figure is most likely dominated by Xiaomi Redmi 1S, followed my Mi 3 and Redmi Note. Redmi Note was launched earlier this year in the country and around 125,000 units of the phone have only been sold until now.
The company might have been able achieve a sales milestone so early, but these months haven’t been un-eventful, as it was recently sued by Ericsson for infringing on the company’s patents and Delhi HC banned the sales of its smartphones. The sales injunction was later partly overturned, when the court allowed it to sell Qualcomm-powered devices.
As Xiaomi moves in 2015, it will have to deal with the patent suit and the increased competition as the local smartphone vendors, which have realised the threat it poses to them.