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Report : Motorola to launch budget 4G phones in India next year

After successful launches of its 3G-capable Android smartphones in the country, Motorola Mobility is planning to launch smartphones with 4G support next year. According to a report in The Economic Times (ET), it will release an unknown number of affordable 4G phones in India in 2015.
“The transition to 4G will be quick. Next year, we are going to be very aggressive in the 4G value proposition for end users,” Rick Osterloh, president and chief operating officer at Lenovo-owned Motorola told ET. There are no details available at this point, but we could see the successor of the Moto E smartphone launching with 4G-support. With expected Reliance Jio launch later this month, 4G is finally ready for a broad adoption in the country and Motorola will surely want a slice of it.
Osterloh told ET that India and Brazil are two key markets for the company and they will play a crucial role in the company’s future. He also stated that the company is expecting the India sales of Motorola phones to cross three million units by early-January since its re-entry in February 2014.