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News : LG G3 battery explodes, burns owner’s mattress

Every now and then, we hear about exploding smartphone batteries and they are normally blamed on third-party wall chargers or third-party batteries, but a new incident from the United States has emerged on Reddit, where LG G3 with official battery exploded leaving the owner’s mattress burning.
Reddit user S-Blade recently posted that his (her) younger sister’s LG G3 was lying on top of the bed, when it suddenly caught fire and started burning the mattress. It is unclear whether the phone was charging at the moment, but the after-incident image reveals a melted battery, indicating at possible battery malfunction.
“This happened suddenly to my little sister’s phone. She was awake in her bedroom, we were annoying her to start getting ready for the morning when she was suddenly crying out that her phone exploded and we turned around to see tons of smoke coming from inside her room. It was literally right beside her. We did have the fire extinguisher handy, but when the battery continued to burn through the mattress, we were forced to toss the mattress out the window,” the user wrote on Reddit.
As the owner had purchased the phone from telecom operator T-Mobile, the carrier is assisting with the incident. No word on whether a replacement smartphone has been provided and any monetary compensation will be offered for the trouble.