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Google’s next Android version could integrate directly into cars: Report

Google might have already unveiled Android Auto, its attempt to get into your car, but the company is planning to go even beyond that. According to Reuters, Google is working on an Android version that will come integrated into cars right from the factory and won’t need smartphones to operate.
The current version of Android Auto needs your Android smartphone to be connected with the car’s infotainment system to work. With the upcoming version, Google aims to remove that need and be deeply integration in your automobile.
“With embedded it’s always on, always there. You don’t have to depend on your phone being there and on,” a source familiar with Google’s plans told Reuters.
The specifics of the this implementation are unknown at this point, but Reuters claims that
we could see it in Android M-release, which is going to be the next major version of Android.
There are some obvious challenges with Google’s plan as the auto-makers will need a significant amount of persuasion to allow Google integrate its system so tightly into their cars. The existing implementation of Android Auto is far less invasive.