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4 things you didn't know you can do with GPS

GPS - Global Positioning System, though best known for navigation, can be used for much more. Depending on who or what you need to locate, there is a combination of GPS devices and free apps that you can use nowadays.
1. Keep tabs on family members

The idea is that you can place yourself and family members into a private circle — location sharing can be made automatic too. Plus you can group chat with all members orjust one. You can also try a similar free app called Cabin (Android &iOS) which adds the ability to post to-dos, tasks and reminders.

You can also use the popular app Glympse (free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone) to keep track of someone. You choose who to send a Glympse to and for how long — once someone receives a Glympse from you, they will be able to track you in real-time, for the duration that you previously allowed.

2. Secure pets and children
You could always use an inexpensive Android phone and an app like GPS Tracking Pro. If you'd rather not hand a phone over to your child or attach one to your pet's collar, you can get a small GPS tracker like TrackID. For Rs 6,700, you get a small, ready-to-use GPS+GSM tracker that you can place in a bag or clip onto clothing. There is a monthly fee of Rs 299 which covers the cost of the preinstalled sim card data charges and 100 SMS per month.
3. Around the home
Home is where you can end up losing a lot of your smaller, daily use items like keys, spectacles, remote controls, flash drives or even phone cables. Rather than manually searching through every nook and corner of the house, you can use a Bluetooth tag - this is a small tracking device that can be clipped or stuck onto anything and tracked using your smartphone and the corresponding app.

Available in various bright colours, Nokia Treasure Tag (Rs 2,100) can be attached to a bunch of keys or kept inside your bag. The tag uses Bluetooth wireless technology and using a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, you can view the tag's location on a map or use audiovideo guidance to track the tag's whereabouts. A single phone can be paired with up to four tags simultaneously for tracking lost items.

4. Locate stolen vehicles
Satguide's vehicle tracker (Rs 11,490) comes with a magnet cover that allows it to stick to metal. The price includes the cost of installation and it connects with your car battery for power (cables are included in the box).You can set a Geofence so that if your vehicle travels out of the authorized area, you will be notified. The only catch is that you need to purchase a GSM sim card and subscribe to a SMS plan for the GPRS tracking to work.