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Samsung's new 105" UHD 4K Curved TV

Best of Both Worlds
Some people love curved TVs, and some people hate them. So on paper we guess it makes some kind of warped – literally – sense to have a flexible TV that can be set to be either flat or curved, depending on your tastes. Or even your mood, potentially.Samsung’s bid at the current IFA show to simultaneously keep both the flat- and curved-loving parts of the TV marketplace happy is characteristically extravagant. For as well as successfully pulling off the technically remarkable feat of making a TV screen bend on demand, Samsung has gone and given that bendable TV an utterly colossal 105-inch screen. And then it’s given that 105-inch screen even more impact by fitting it atop a striking easel-like stand (similar to that supporting the brand’s 85-inch, £35,000 flagship UHD TV, the UE85S9ST TV), and building the screen to the 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio rather than the normal 16:9 one. Not surprisingly the IFA crowds around this bendable behemoth are consistently large, and consistently cooing.he display model shows off its bendable wares by continually shifting between flat and curved states via a complex series of motors and a cunningly multi-layered rear panel. The full range of the screen’s bending motion takes only seven seconds to complete, and takes place perfectly smoothly and almost silently.

Quick Specifications :
Display : 104.6" Curved UHD 4K LED 3D
Resolution : 5120*2160
Sound : Dolby Premium Surround 5.1 (2 Woofers)
Processor : Quad Core Plus
Inputs/Outputs : 4 HDMI, 4 USB, 1 LAN, 2 A/V
Features : Smart Hub, Voice Interaction, Motion Control, Smart View 2.0, Smart Evolution Ready, Wide Colour Enhanser, Connect Share, V-Chip, Eco Sensor, Game Mode, Dimmer