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Report : Sony will now launch play station tv on october 14

Sony said PlayStation TV set-top box, which allows users to access movies and TV episodes from the PlayStation store, will hit stores in the United States and Canada on October 14.

The price for a standalone PlayStation TV (PS TV) is RS.6092.99, the company wrote in a blog. For Rs. 8530.99, customers can get a wireless controller, an 8GB memory card and 'The Lego Movie' videogame along with the PS TV. Around 700 games will be available to PS TV users, including 'Metal Gear Solid' and the franchise 'Killzone: Mercenary'. PS TV was released in Japan and other Asian countries under the name 'PlayStation Vita TV' last fall. Sony is trying to expand its entertainment network services to compete against players like did not say when it will launch its online TV service. The company signed a deal earlier this month to carry 22 Viacom channels, including Comedy Central and MTV, on its planned online TV.