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Cortex Development Board:

It is a new exciting and high performance development board. This board is packed with new features and high performance. The cortex microcontroller has total of 16 channel A/D converter and standard interfacing protocols which includes I2C, SPI, USB and 2- UART channels. The board also includes real time clock and battery backup. The JTAG connector is included for easy program testing and debugging purpose. It is a most demanding high performance application and can be used in a wide range of embedded solutions.

Cortex Development Board Features:

32 bit RISC Architecture
128KB of flash memory
20KB of RAM memory
Real time clock and battery backup
16-channel ADC and 12 bit accuracy
Four general purpose 16-bit timers
2-UARTs and 2-I2C communication 3-SPI and 1-CAN and 1-USB communication
One LCD connection with contract adjustment
One JTGA connection for programming and debugging
8-red test LEDs
Crystal frequency 8.000MHz and speed up to 72MHz
SD cord socket
Power on LED, Reset Button
Power supply 5v Dc