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The ARM1 is a high performance ARM controller/processor with 256Mbytes DDR RAM and 1 GB flash, RTC and audio and Ethernet on board. It has integrated RS232, USB, keyboard, LCD, camera, SD cord and other functions on board. The board supports the Linux, Android and windows operating system and which provides a complete basic drivers. This would be an ideal development platform for multimedia and communication applications.

ARM11 Development Board Features:

The RAM memory is 256Mbytes
1 GB NAND flash memory
EEPROM 1024 bytes
SD cord socket for external memory
Four serial ports connectors (UART)
Infrared receiver
USB port, Ethernet
Real time clock with battery (RTC)
PWM buzzer, 20 pin camera interface
LCD interface
4-wire resistive touch panel
8-push buttons for user input and A/D converter-1
SPI, I2C protocols and 40 pin system bus
One JTAG port for program downloading