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5 Notepad Tricks that you can Perform

5 Notepad Tricks that you can Perform now

Best Notepad Tricks 1) Matrix Effect:
We Have Seen alot of times in movies some kind of numbers in Green Color Flashing really fast. Ever Wondered How they do it ?

Well, Today you will learn it. Basically its a Small Batch file that helps to do it. Just follow the Below simple steps to do it yourself.

Step 1: Open Notepad.

Step 2:  Now Copy the Below Code.

Step 3: Paste the Code in Notepad and Save it by Clicking on File and then Save.

Step 4: You will be now asked the file name and Save as Type, So name the file as Matrix.bat and Choose All files in save as type.

Step 5: Remember the Destination where you save the file. Now Navigate to the Location where you saved this file. Double Click on it to See the Magic.

2. Ghost Keyboard Typing:

This is a Technique by Which you can make Notepad type Automatically whatever you want. That means i will share a script which you will use to Display anything you want to and Notepad will automatically type it for you.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Step 2: Copy the Below code.

Step 3: Paste the Code in Notepad and Save it.

Step 4: Name it Trickslove.vbs and Choose All files in Save as type.

Step 5: Double Click on the saved file to See this Live Notepad Trick

3. Make your Computer Speak:

In the Above trick we made notepad Type automatically but now we will our own text to Speech tool with the help of small script in Notepad. You will make your Computer Speak whatever you type. Excited ? Then follow the Below Simple Steps.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Step 2: Copy and Paste the Below Code in Notepad.

Step 3: After Pasting the Above Code in Notepad, its time to Save the File. Save the File with name Speak.vbs and again choose All files in save as type

Step 4: Double Click on the File to See a pop up Window that looks something like this Picture

Now All you have to do is Type in Anything that you want it to Convert in Speech.

Then Click on Ok. Wait a second or Two and hear it do its work.

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4. Keyboard LED lights Dancing Trick

This is another Fun Trick which will Make your Keyboard Lights ie: Numlock,Capslock and Scroll lock lights go dancing..

Step 1: Open notepad.

Step 2: Copy the Below Code and paste in it.

Step 3: Save the File with the name Led.vbs and again choose all files.

Step 4: Double click the File to open, Look down at your keyboard to See the live performance.

How to Stop:

To Stop it just follow the Below Simple Steps.

Open Task manager by Pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE
Now Goto Process Tab
Scroll down and search for wscript.exe and End the Process.

5. 9/11 Attack.

Do you know that World Trade Center Attact can be Seen in Notepad? If you are not aware of this trick then here is how to do it.

Step 1: First of all you will Open new notepad file.

Step 2: Type in Q33N

Step 3: Click on Format > Font> and Select font as "Wingdings" now Increase the font size to 72

You will be Amazed to See What notepad Displays you.

(Sorry for using picture format of code, otherwise antivirus will detect blog as malware contains & will block this blog from opening)